Ass hole in the ground

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Almost always used in negative constructions to describe someone's ignorance or stupidity, such as: He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

know one’s ass from a hole in the ground

It means you don't know any better or not up for the job.

Description:Husband wife fantasy threesome lesbian lover A hole in the ground Being a blog, it goes without saying that it is utterly self-indulgent. When I read Joe Klein's bizarre attempt to defend his repugnant remark through strawmen and semantic trickery , I just assumed he was joking. Aristotle had a great many things to say on the subject including such observations as that man is the only animal that has an ass and that nature abhors a hole. Unfortunately, most of Sophocles' compatriots were Greeks and, thus, did not find this a useful distinction. Hugh Everett has proposed an even more radical theory known as the "Many Asses" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics which claims that the universe is the product of an infinite number of "ass-events" and that every "ass-event" causes a "flushing" in the time stream. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 7, Schrodinger provided the interesting paradox of "Schrodinger's Butt," in which it is imagined that he has accidentally got his ass stuck in a hole after being administered a Barium enema.

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